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Battlezone Review

Battlezone is one of the PlayStation VR games that I was looking forward to trying and straight from the off it had me incredibly impressed. As with most VR games, it’s a bit hard to know what to expect at first, but as soon as you put on the headset, what you see just melts your brain.

It’s best to sit in Battlezone when playing and you’ll soon see why. As you place on the headset you’ll find yourself in a tank. All of your being is surrounded, There’s your seat and looking around you’ll see all manner of technology, such as your option screens, which raise up and down when the action starts. These screens allow you to choose from a wide range of options, be that the single player or multiplayer games and will even allow you to choose your choice of weapons during the action.

Taking place on a procedurally generated map, your objective is generally on the other side, with you having to move across tiles in your vehicle, picking up supplies and even having the option to change your load-out and buy new technology. Most of all though, you’ll sit in your vehicle, blasting at the enemy and doing your upmost to blow them up before they do the same to you.

It’s all quite simple really and it’s all the more fun because of it. You’ll drive forward using the analogue stick, then it’s simply a case of aiming and firing. Sometimes you’ll be shooting at tanks and sometimes helicopters, all while trying to take control of a few towers to stop the enemy signal, destroying a convoy or blowing up a base.

With all manner of weapons such as missiles, mortars and even some specials and other upgrades, there’s more to this simple game than meets the eye, although the graphics do feel basic, but at the same time colourful enough that you'll appreciate them. The interior of the tank, where you will spend all of your time, is certainly the most impressive part, although those enemies do like to ruin it by blowing you up and shattering your lovely windscreen, causing you to either start again or use a heart to continue on your quest.

As well as being able to play on your own, you can also play in online co-op, allowing you to team up and take out those tanks, drones and helicopters as part of a team. This is where the game really shines, as there is nothing quite like taking on the enemy with other, like-minded individuals. Just to imagine that there is someone driving the tank next to you, also wearing a VR headset is quite special; you can just picture them, thinking just like you, that there’s something fantastic about sitting in this tank.

There are a few issues of course, you have no way to heal for instance and you’ll run out of ammo a lot, which means you’ll likely spend money on extra lives rather than extra weapons. You could take things tactically of course, but where is the fun in that? I’ve found Battlezone most fun when I’ve been speeding along firing at the enemy from all angles and there is certainly a lot of fun to be had in this way.

Thankfully, outside of the co-op there is some replay-ability, as once you defeat the campaign can play again on a higher difficulty, as well as giving you the option to choose a different tank and even a new choice of weapons, that you’ll likely have unlocked in your previous playthrough.

Like I say, it’s not the most wonderful looking game in the world, but had it been made playable through your TV for better looks, rather than via PlayStation VR, it’s likely that it would be all the worse for it. This really is an experience made for VR and being able to look all around the environment and feel like you are at the controls of a tank is a great feeling and it’s one that developer Rebellion has captured very well. Battlezone VR is great addition to the PlayStation VR launch line up, although its definitely at its best when played as part of a group.

Words by Joe Anderson
Twitter: @_wotta | PSN/XBLA: wotta

(Version Tested: PlayStation VR)


+ Great fun
+ Brilliant Co-Op
+ Interior of tank looks fantastic


- Basic graphics
- Can run out of ammo and health quite quickly

Edited On 14 Oct, 2016

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Yasin 3 months ago
lol £50 for a game with the company Rebellion on the front. Rebellion gsmes scream budget titles best wait till its around £20 me thinks

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