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Until Dawn: Rush of Blood Review

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood isn’t really anything to do with the game of the same name. Sure it borrows some assets from Until Dawn but otherwise it is more rollercoaster ride than tense, action, thriller, although that’s not to say that it’s not a lot of fun, because it is.

Rush of Blood is an on-the-rails shooter which, while most likely bland if it had been on a TV, is fantastic fun in VR. You are able to look all around this house of horrors, waiting for the next thing to jump out at you, as you hold your DualShock 4 or the Move controllers tight in your grasp. You always have two firearms at your disposal and are able to point them freely in any direction, allowing you to line up your targets, pull the triggers and shoot them down. This is simple to do, whether you are using the Move controllers or the Dualshock 4.

There always seems to be something to shoot at in Rush of Blood and there are plenty of collectables too, so you won’t be sitting twiddling your fingers, enjoying a laid back ride in the house of horrors. Whether it is vases, crates or something else, all are marked with targets for your to shoot, giving you the biggest hint you’ll need that this is something you shoot at.

Interestingly, the game also offers new weapons to pick up, easily spotted thank to their brightly coloured crates, whatever hand you shot the crate with is rewarded with the new weapon, meaning you can mix things up with different styles of gun in each hand, although weapon do come in pairs, so if you want to stick to the same guns in each hand, then you can. Weapons include the likes of handguns, semi-automatic pistols and more, although you can also gain temporary special weapons too, though once their ammo is depleted, you’ll be back to using your standard pistol.

In each of your playthroughs you’ll gain a score for shooting certain targets and enemies. At the end of each level, you are then given a rating and score breakdown and also rewarded with points for accuracy and multi-kills. Hitting valid targets will add to your multiplier, up to a maximum of 8X, which if gained, obviously helps you rack up those big scores.

Rush of Blood takes you through many different levels, one of which is a slaughterhouse full of spinning saw blades and shrieking pigs, the latter of which are all dangling from the ceiling, making it feel like your in a butchers shop gone wrong. There is certainly some interesting and quite gruesome scenes in this level and as things move on you’ll find yourself up facing up against even more bizarre scenes, while enemies such as evil clowns, giant spiders, and the Wendigos from Until Dawn try their best to give you a fright.

As you travel along you’ll have the option to switch tracks, taking a different route and possibly find some of the hidden secrets, collectables and scoring objects. The single mystery item provides a short story sequence and rewards you points should you find them. Once you get to the end of the rails, a boss fight helps to end your experience with the game, hopefully on a high if you liked what you played.

There were certainly moments that had me jump out my seat, such as when I was moving a torch around a dark room to find out who was screaming, only to turn around and have them in my face. Or the time, when in another dark room, I had killer pigs running at me, trying to attack me with whatever they had in their hand. It’s not the most frightening game, but it does have its moments that will likely make you jump.

Since Until Dawn: Rush of Blood offers some scares, plenty of shooting and the options to find collectables, choose different routes and also rack up some decent scores for showing off via the online leaderboards, it’s pretty fun experience. It won’t win game of the year of course and chances are that after a few times playing through, you’ll likely have had enough. Still it shows off PlayStation VR in a good light and doesn’t do a lot wrong, so there’s not much more you can ask than that.

Words by Joe Anderson
Twitter: @_wotta | PSN/XBLA: wotta

(Version Tested: PlayStation VR)


+ Some tense moments
+ Fun shooting
+ Good presentation


- Quite bland in places

Edited On 14 Oct, 2016

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Anonymous user's avatar
PHILIP 3 months ago
Got this off you wish I wasn't out tonight now so looking forward to trying this out. Thanks for the VR reviews Joe much appreciated
Joe2120's avatar
Joe2120 3 months ago
No worries. Loads more to come :)
Chrissay's avatar
Chrissay 3 months ago
I've enjoyed playing this one :) but mission 5 scared the hell out of meme (no spoilers)
Anonymous user's avatar
Gregory 3 months ago
On my get to list on Friday along with here they lie. Only got the demo disc & sold Valkyrie
Turniplord's avatar
Turniplord 3 months ago
why you sell it gregory - was it no good?
Anonymous user's avatar
Yasin 3 months ago
Here they Lie is very average. I finished it today. There are collectibles you need to get for 2 trophys as if lol, who's gonna go through a youtube video guide and keeping removing the headset to check the guide lol. its not a very good game at all, cheap cash grab due to being one of the first VR horror games. some levels like the London underground tube stations are cool, rest are shoddy and game becomes more nonsense the further you go, random shit for the sane of horror
Anonymous user's avatar
CHRISTOPHER 3 months ago
is this best with ps move??
Anonymous user's avatar
Gregory 3 months ago
Turnip - it's only MP based game, it is the best looking well Rigs too looking game but involves a lot of grind & micro transactions

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