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Job Simulator VR Review

Job Simulator is one of, if not the best launch title for PlayStation VR. That may be a statement open for debate from those who have played many of the games on Sony’s new device so far, but it’s one that I am sticking to.

Taking place in the future, in Job Simulator you take control of a robot who has set out to experience the jobs humans used to perform in the past. These jobs include the Office Worker, Store Clerk, Gourmet Chef and Mechanic and each and everyone of them are brilliant fun.

Starting with Office Clerk, here you’ll find yourself in an office and will be given various tasks to complete. Once you complete one task, you’ll then move on to the next. With the ability to gain promotion, you’ll find yourself carrying out jobs such as hiring and firing, cooking the books and making dodgy dealings disappear. What’s particularly great about working in the office is that practically everything is interactive, so for instance, if your phone rings, you can pick it up, answer it and then throw it at a coworkers head. In fact you can thrown anything you like at co-workers, be that paper airplanes, your coffee cup or whatever else the game will let you pick up. Should your boss visit with a shredding task, you can even pull off his glasses and shred them.

Many tasks involve your computer, so you’ll need to plug it in and switch it on, as you would in any office. As the morning begins you’ll eat your donuts and of course, pour yourself a coffee, before proceeding to throw your cup at a co-worker. Later you’ll get to see other fun features such as blowing out the candles on your cake, shaking vending machines and if you like, you can photocopy your hand and then throw it at your boss. It may all sound a little simple, but you really need to play to appreciate just how much fun this is.

The fun continues in all of the other Job, work in the Store and you’ll be cooking Hot Dogs for customers, or pouring slushes from the machine, scanning their shopping and taking their money. If you like, you can even pour some ketchup over their head, because why not? Fancy yourself as a Chef? Then why not head to the Gourmet Chef job and make some eggs and bacon, though try not to burn them. Don’t throw too many cups at the waiters though as you won’t half get a disapproving look in return.

Finally there’s the ability to be a mechanic. This was a lot of fun, as you can really mess with all the cars, throwing all manner of engine pieces around, or pouring oil in the wrong places. As with the other Jobs, you’ll be given a task, so you can always be serious and complete all of these. Then it is just a case of billing the customer and waving goodbye.

What’s great about Job Simulator is that it is a lot of fun just being in the experience. The PlayStation Move controllers are you hands and as long as you have hands you can cause all sorts of havoc. All the little details seem to have been thought of and it makes for a lot of fun.

Just being in any of the Job environments has you impressed, because they look wonderful, it’s almost like stepping into a cartoon. Whether it’s the Office, Store, Kitchen or Garage, each has been well thought out and designed. There’s a great atmosphere to the whole game, meaning that even when all the tasks are complete, you’ll still be thinking about it, even when you are not playing.

Job Simulator is a highly accessible game, which is fun, entertaining and very easy to play. It’s probably one of the best games to highlight just how great VR can be and that’s a great credit to the developer. If you own VR, whether it’s HTC Vive, Oculus Rift or PlayStation VR, then you need to own this game, it’s wonderful.

Words by Joe Anderson
Twitter: @_wotta | PSN/XBLA: wotta

(Version Tested: PlayStation VR)


+ Well designed levels
+ A stupid amount of fun
+ The tasks, while mundane, are still addictive


- Tracking is a little out sometimes

Edited On 15 Oct, 2016

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