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Tumble VR Review

Tumble was originally a launch title for PlayStation Move in 2010 and to be honest I quite liked it. The whole idea was to build towers of blocks, all while hoping they didn’t fall over. The higher the tower, the more chance of a gold medal. Of course this required skill and precision, something that was a little difficult with Move on its own.

Move on a few years (excuse the pun) and it’s time for PlayStation VR to have a crack of this game and ironically, you can use PlayStation Move too if you like, or just stick to the Dualshock 4 controller.

As you place the PlayStation VR on your head, you’ll be greeted with a platform and room which is laid out in a way that you’ll find it a lot easier to place blocks on the block building platform. Given that everything is now in 3D, you’ll also find it a lot easier rotating an object 90 degrees, than ever before.

Starting with the most basic task you will construct towers with a wide variety of blocks, with the aim to meet the minimum height, but also with the option to go big and aim for that aforementioned gold medal. The are many other puzzle types too, seeing you building bridges, trying to fit blocks in a restricted space and also an almost polar opposite mode, where you need to demolish a tower.

To mix things up a little, the developer throws a spanner in the works, in that the properties of the blocks change. So while you may start off with blocks of the same material, soon they’ll be made from different properties, affecting the weight on the platform and of course becoming less stable. Shapes will soon change too, leaving you with the head scratching task of trying to fit them all in, without your tower falling over.

What the VR does is make the process a little easier, as you can now get a better view of the entire block. You can even rotate the blocks and the platform itself, meaning that you can attack the block building from every angle.

A feature I found amusing was that if you have someone watching on the TV, they are able to control a robot drone and knock down your masterpiece. That may be cruel, but at least it adds some entertainment for those not wearing the VR headset.

Tumble VR is basically the same game that was already release way back in 2010 alongside the PlayStation Move controller. I thought it was fun then and it’s also fun now, albeit in VR. It’s certainly not PlayStation VR’s killer app, but it is a fun addition to the line-up which works well with this new technology.

Words by Joe Anderson
Twitter: @_wotta | PSN/XBLA: wotta

(Version Tested: PlayStation VR)


+ A fun building experience
+ Quite relaxing


- Doesn’t work as well with PS Move

Edited On 17 Oct, 2016

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