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The Shoot Review – PlayStation Move

The Shoot, is essentially a modern take on the ol‘ light gun games of yore, however, don’t go and dust off those bulky firearms just yet because I don’t mean literally. For this one you’re going to want to get a firm grip on your PlayStation Move Motion Controller and probably put on a cowboy hat too. You weirdo.

The Shoot - PS3 Move

Reach for the Sky!

You generally know what to expect, right? The screen moves along, seemingly of it’s own accord, as you dispatch wave after wave of enemies to the best of your ability. Ok, so some of you are thinking “AJ, that sounds crap!“ but let the inevitable interruption begin, as I slap you around the face and tell you that you’re wrong. I’m not going to try and convince you that this game is one which you can really sink your teeth into, but if you’re looking for something on a quick play basis, then this is just what you’ll need to pass the time. It’s especially useful for when you’ve just found out that dinner isn’t quite ready yet and best of all, it’s mindlessly fun.

You, as an actor, have to make your way through 5 separately themed movie sets, which are broken up into 4 stages, while appeasing your crotchety director. To do so, you’ll need to shoot a variety of villains in the face, or wherever tickles your fancy, and build up multipliers by landing successful, consecutive hits on the correct targets, and apparently the correct targets are not hostages. Who knew? To gain bonus points, you can liberate incapacitated innocents by blasting the chains encasing them, and by also shooting explosive barrels and the like, which release massive explosions and cause extra carnage. While none of this is exactly taxing and may sound repetitive, you do have the ability to earn special moves, and this is where the Motion controller makes things interesting, and in turn makes you look like an escaped mental patient.

The Shoot PS3 Move

Eat lead, strange glowing microphone thing Robot!

Throughout the stages, you will occasionally earn coloured tokens that grant you access to unique skills, all of which will usually cheer up the director when he’s on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

  • Showtime, which you activate by literally spinning yourself in a complete circle like a ballerina, will slow down all on screen targets for a set amount of time and allow you to line up that perfect headshot.
  • Shockwave, activated by pointing your controller towards the floor and firing a round, will eliminate all on screen targets to significantly increase your multiplier.
  • Rampage, selected by aiming your controller towards the ceiling and letting off a shot, will enable rapid fire and stop your multiplier from dropping, despite hitting anything and everything.

Using these 3 moves to your advantage during the game will help you to progress easily, and the ability to lean either left or right to avoid oncoming projectiles, can get you out of sticky situations. We all lean while turning corners on racing games, so just do what comes naturally. You don’t lean? Is it just me?

This game is supposed to be a little bit stupid. For instance yes, you are supposed to see the strings on the flying robots, and to be perfectly honest I would fear for the sanity of anyone trying to take this game seriously. It’s an extremely attractive game though, and very deliberately, there’s always a lot happening on the screen at any given time in an attempt to deter you. If you’re looking for something deep, steer clear, but if you’re looking for a light hearted and amusing way to get the most out of the PlayStation Move, then I highly recommend owning a copy of The Shoot.

- 4/5 Stars!

“I’m removing one star because I felt the development team were lazy, as there could have been more variety in the targets.”

The Shoot - Move

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Edited On 15 Nov, 2010

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