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TV Superstars Review – PlayStation Move

TV Superstars is one of the most unique and unusual games I have ever played on the PlayStation 3, excluding anything Katamari related. When perusing my vast collection of games, I see age ratings, warnings of violence, gore and sexual themes, yet none of this perturbs me. Not as much as this game does anyway. It’s just so extremely weird looking, and dare I say it? Friendly! This is a whole new experience for me, but it’s one which I’ll endeavour to get used to.

Try to imagine some of the most atrocious television programs possible. Think along the lines of that optimistic game show crap you get on Saturday night, or even worse; Daytime television. Combine 60 Minute Make Over, Gladiators, Project Runway, Hell’s Kitchen and Banzai with QVC, then throw in a couple of badly dubbed adverts for household cleaning products, and you might have an idea of what this game is going to offer you. Four gamers, either playing separately or sectioned into teams, take part as contestants on varying game shows in an effort to shift from being a Z list celebrity, to being an A list celebrity. Each show requires different use of the Motion controller, ranging from frantically flapping it up and down to run, swirling it around to mix a pancake and aiming it towards to screen to spray paint a stencil, all of which will earn you points and help you to realise your star studded dreams.

You begin the game with creating the world’s creepiest looking on screen avatar, by mapping your own face onto one of the faceless bodies provided. All of the games characters/presenters are portrayed as such too, with somewhat realistic heads pasted onto lack-lustre bodies. Sort of like, if somebody tried to reanimate a corpse, but could only get the face working. They creep me out that much. The only problem being, is it’s just me! Everybody else thought they were hilarious. Typical.

This game demands that you and your friends stand in front of the TV and really, really act like absolute morons. Act being the operative word by the way, as that’s what you’ll have to do from time to time. You’ve seen the adverts for Cilit Bang, well now you can star in your own version and provide a genuine cheesy catchphrase! Joy! Ah, and have you ever wanted to cook something while randomly rapping in front of an audience? Yes, the game has also decided to put these two completely unrelated things together, your dreams have come true! AMAZING! Ok, maybe I’m just an old stick in the mud, one of the main reasons I barely use my Wii is that very few of the games offer anything substantial, but this game just isn’t for me. What can I say? I’m a “sit down” gamer, and a boring one too.

Negativity aside, just because this particular game style isn’t appealing to me, doesn’t mean it won’t appeal to other people. If you’re the type of person who has loads of energy, frequently has a group of people around you who need entertaining and have exhausted all of the party games on the Wii, then this will do the job. It’s entertaining for the most part, and you can see what the game is driving at, but it’s just so excruciatingly short. Then again, some of you prefer quick play gaming and like to include your family, so once kneeling on a hotel while playing Monopoly has lost it’s appeal, you could all very easily enjoy a quick bash on this. After all, it is a genuinely good laugh.

Naturally, TV Superstars is relatively well designed, although at times you’d be forgiven for mistaking it for one of those Xbox games which uses your Avatar, and all of the mini-games do offer something unique. Personally though, I can’t be bothered to tile my bathroom in real life, so I don’t really fancy spending my precious gaming time, fixing tiles on a virtual wall. The fact that this is a Move game though, instantly makes it interesting and funny, but I do feel it will only appeal to groups of people with a certain sense of humour, and the inebriated.

- 3/5 Stars!

“One star for ingenuity, a second star for being amusing for approximately 3 hours, a third star for looking fairly nice, albeit creepy, but minus 2 stars for being incredibly short and cheesy.

TV Superstars - Move

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Edited On 16 Nov, 2010

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