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Security expert: PSN root key can be changed in rebuild

Neil Martin, a database security engineer expert, has told NowGamer the developers root key that was recently leaked can be changed during the rebuilding of PSN.

Hackers had claimed that the leaking of the key would mean any new firmware would be completely vunerable, however since Sony are taking the opportunity to rebuild PSN, the key can now be changed, negating hackers efforts up to this point.

“Sony will probably take the chance to change the developers root key that was recently leaked, which tells the PSN that a particular piece of software is licensed and allowed to use the PlayStation Network” said Martin.

”This could mean all previous software will require a patch when it comes back online,” Martin continues, “but inconvenience like that will be secondary to the loss of revenue via piracy and loss of security if they don’t change it.”

Martin also claims that the service will be back at some point this week at the latest, possibly tomorrow, considering the time and staff already working on fixing the issues.

The PSN outage is now in its seventh day, Sony is yet to reveal a time scale as to when the service will be back online .

Edited On 26 Apr, 2011

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