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The Fight Review – PlayStation Move

My arms hurt, and I’m not sure if I’ve been playing a game for the last few hours or exercising, but I’ve burnt off several hundred calories and I’m a little bit sweaty. Basically, if there’s one thing I can say about The Fight, is that even if it were a terrible fighting game, it’d still be a bloody fantastic work out. Thankfully however, it is a good game, and it utilizes some of the best motion tracking I have seen from the PlayStation Move thus far. To best experience this, you’re going to want to use two Motion Controllers, but there is the option to use a Dual Shock and a Motion controller together. It wouldn’t be my first choice to do so though, and can feel a little cumbersome.

The Fight: Lights Out

This could be any evening in my home town.

This game has the ability to perfectly recreate your punches, and flicking the controller around slighting won’t do a damn thing. You actually need to put some effort into this one, as it’s not like those Wii games where you manage to do a myriad of moves just by bending your wrist. You have to actually lunge about, swing and throw genuine punches to progress here, which makes it one of the most realistic games I’ve come across.

Realism is what it’s gone for in terms of looks too, and while some people have argued that the game looks a bit pathetic, dull and grey, personally I’d feel a little disorientated if it were bright and airy. It’s supposed to be gritty, dingy and lifelike, and no matter what spin you put on it, beating the crap out of somebody in a urine stained back alley is never going to be attractive. Although, I have to say that the level of detail given here is impressive, as landing a hit on a combatants face will cause accurate, gory wounds.

The Fight Playstation Move

It was settled next round when Jim went "Scissors" and Bob stuck with "Rock"

Once you’ve designed your character, based on your hideous/gorgeous self (delete as applicable) and aced the tutorial, you’re able to take part in various fights and sparring exercises. In doing so, you will earn cash and skill points which allow you to doll up your guy and boost his stats. The clothes and things are just for fun, but the stat building isn’t. If you don’t train and grind, you’re going nowhere fast and will find it increasingly difficult to defeat your opponents. In it’s totality, the main campaign is approximately 10 hours long, but I’m not including all of the training in that estimation and it’s a massive necessity. If you have any inclination to use the Multiplayer option too, it’s even more of an urgent need, or you will be instantly and utterly destroyed by somebody who has been concentrating on stat building. Fact.

The Fight, is what all other fighting games should aspire to be like. The mechanics are rarely off target, and the entire experience is ultimately satisfying. Punching people in the face in real life is a faux pa, and doing so in the comfort of your own home is heavily frowned upon, however, attacking people in a virtual environment is generally encouraged and if you have the desire to burn off a few pounds while doing so, then I recommend buying a copy of this and letting loose. Do not loosen the controller’s strap though, because your TV won’t like it.

- 4/5 Stars!

“This is what the Wii wishes it could do, and what every future fighting game needs to use as it’s foundation. However, the music is repugnant and completely thoughtless. Just put on your own stuff instead!”

The Fight - Move

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Edited On 18 Nov, 2010

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