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PSN and how to stay safe when it’s back

There have been many scare stories regarding PSN recently, with user data being compromised and the possibility of credit card details also being stolen.

It’s all scary stuff really, but how do you stay safe and stop this happening in the future? It’s in our opinion that when PSN comes back up it will be safer than ever, passwords, personal information and credit card details will surely be encrypted and therefore it will make it hard for anyone who does manage to beat the odds and crack the system again.

If you have lost trust in companies holding your information though, then fear not because there are alternative routes which mean you do not have to part with any of your details whatsoever.

Thanks to the internet, users can now gain access to pre-paid credit cards, a virtual card you can top up and spend as you wish. The only issue with pre-paid credit cards is that you will still need to give your personal details in order to use these systems, however given they are run by banks they are very secure.

An even better option is to buy PSN cards, these come in £25, £35 and £50 flavours. The beauty of shopping on PSN this way is that you don’t have to enter any details into PSN and it also saves you money on purchases as, on Shopto at least, these cards are actually cheaper than their face value.

Like we say it’s probably going to be very safe to leave Sony your card details in the future, but if your faith has been dented it’s at least nice to know that there are other options.

Edited On 06 May, 2011

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