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Harmonix: There’s life left in Rock Band

Harmonix VP of Product Development Greg LoPiccolo has told IndustryGamers, that it will continue to support the Rock Band franchise, despite the genre suffering a decline in interest.

“We think there’s a lot of life left in the Rock Band franchise and there’s a lot of creative directions to take that. We certainly remain committed to that. But then beyond that, we would love to make games that are new musical experiences to throw them out there and have people accept them and get inspired by them.”

LoPiccolo also went on to say that just because the interest in Guitar Based games saw a “pretty significant declined,” that doesn’t mean there isn’t possibilities in other areas of the music genre.

“Harmonix would draw a distinction between sort of band performance simulators, such as Rock Band and what Guitar Hero ended up turning into, and music games overall. It’s impossible to ignore the fact that Rock Band and Guitar Hero saw a pretty significant decline in sales over this last cycle. I guess we see the genre of music gaming as a broader thing, as having a lot of other creative possibilities outside that domain that we would like to explore.”

So what is Harmonix working on now? Well they didn’t give that one away unfortunately, but it seems like we may find out at E3 next month.

Edited On 03 May, 2011

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