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Transformers Dark of the Moon preview, new screens

Transformers Dark of the Moon releases later this year and yes you guessed it, a video game of the same name is also on the way. We recently got a chance to see what to expect when the game hits later this year and to be honest, it looks promising.

Dark of the Moon: the video game, is actually a prequel to the movie itself, telling us a unique story which will tie into what you see on the silver screen. Each of the game’s levels have been crafted around a different character, which allows for a different gamplay experience throughout the game.

One of the main new features in Dark of the Moon is Stealth Force. This ability sees each character partially transform from their vehicle form. This allows you to use weapons while in vehicle mode, which is particularly handy when you are trying to dodge an oncoming barrage of bullets. What this means is that you are never far from your weapons, with transforming both fully and partially being a very easy task. It also gives you the option to decide how you wish to take on enemies, offering a different twist on gameplay. It has to be said that from what we saw, transforming is very seamless, with the switch between robot and vehicle happening in the blink of an eye.

The variety of characters seen in the short presentation of the game was pretty impressive. The first level opened with Bumblebee, while later we also managed to see Ironhide (a weapons expert) and Ratchet (a healer).

The first level we got eyes on was based in a destroyed Detroit, which it has to be said, was pretty devastated. To make matters worse there were numerous cars spread throughout the level, making it difficult to tell which ones were robots, and therefore not knowing if an ambush was just around the corner. This particular level was quite tight thanks to the city setting, meaning when the action did start there were plenty of explosions and flying debris everywhere.

Later down the line, we were also introduced to a new character named Soundwave, who uses sound-waves and weapons such as a sonic canon and assault rifle to blow away enemies. This level was based in a lusher, more exotic location, meaning there was a lot of open space to play around in. In addition to Soundwave, we also saw a playable minion character, named Lazer Beak, who works with the Transformers to allow progress through the levels. Lazer Beak is a small robotic vulture which can stun enemies and who is a lot more difficult to pick out, meaning you can team up with him to solve puzzles and go on your way.

It’s not all ground combat in Dark of the Moon, one of the more impressive levels on show involved the jet-transforming Starscream, who flies through the sky, transforming the game into a dogfight in the clouds. This level was particularly interesting as it introduced C130, a giant cargo jet which was essentially a boss. What you had to do here was rip off his engines by landing on top of him and transforming into your robot self, which certainly didn’t look very easy considering the speed he was flying at, especially when you combine this with the other enemies trying to take you out.

It has to be said that the StarScream level in particular looked very impressive. Flying through the skies, fighting numerous enemies just looks a blast, and even from our short viewing of the game this looked like the stand out level. We all know movies of games are generally disappointing, that is just an unfortunate fact. Thankfully though it looks like the developers are taking Dark of the Moon: The Video Game very seriously indeed and with additions such as Stealth Force and the Dogfight missions, this game may very well be one of the better movie tie-ins out there.

Edited On 03 May, 2011

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