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It’s a Bullseye!

BullyIf you are of a certain age you will have fond memories of a show called Bullseye on ITV, where people with seemingly no darts skills or general knowledge would compete to win “deluxe” household items and untold riches (up to £250 whole English Pounds) by playing darts and answering general knowledge questions.

These oche adventurers would be thinned out until just one couple remained. They would be given the deadly choice….keep their microwave oven and three man tent or gamble for Bully’s “Special Prize”.

Fortune an glory are powerful enticements and many chose to gamble, only to face the final humiliation of not only failing to win the special prize but to have it paraded before them. In the knowledge they would never again have the opportunity to park a speedboat out side their house in Huddersfield 60 miles from the sea they were sent home with nothing, broken.

Jim Bowan the lovable host would cradle the distraught contestants in his arms and say “It’s ok, you still have your BFH, your bus fare home”.

Fast forward nearly thirty years (yes really) and Darts is a different animal. Gone are the beer swilling goliath’s of old and enter a new breed of high earning darts athlete of the PDC. You too can now join their ranks and see how many fabled 180′s you can rack up thanks thanks to OG International and the power of Playstation Move. Check out the trailer below to see what’s in store.

PDC World Championship Darts: Pro Tour – PlayStation Move Trailer

PDC World Championship Darts Pro Tour

Buy PDC World Championship Darts Pro Tour

Edited On 23 Nov, 2010

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