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Analyst: Sony will bounce back to full strength

EEDAR analyst Jesse Divnich has suggest that Sony will rebound to full strength after just a few months, once PSN returns that is.

According to the analyst notes that “as the shift to a cashless society continues,” security breaches such as the one that hit the PSN “will continue to occur.”

In addition, although Divnich believes there will be a negative impact on both retail and digital sales in the short term, he say that there’s “no cause for concern for Sony or third-party publishers.” as far as long term sales go.

As an example, Divnich cited the Xbox 360′s “Red Ring of Death” as proof that consumers are forgiving.

Here is EDDAR’s full statement on the matter courtesy of PSX.

“We are saddened to hear about the recent events with Sony’s PlayStation Network. What happened to Sony could have happened to anyone one and we believe Sony will continue their vigilance in restoring the PlayStation Network. In addition, we believe Sony will continue to provide full transparency to consumers as to what personal information has been compromised in addition to providing information on the steps consumers should take in order to secure the compromised information. To date they have gone above and beyond their legal requirements on keeping consumers informed and this is something we should all appreciate in light of these events.”

– EEDAR believes that sales levels for software and hardware will return to normal within a matter of months. It is assumed that Sony will make great efforts to restore the consumer confidence of the PlayStation Network.

– EEDAR expects to see Sony dedicate greater resources to the PlayStation network and the online experience as a result of this event. This may include providing additional exclusive content in order to restore consumer confidence.

– EEDAR does not believe that this security breach will have any long-term negative economical impact on the PlayStation Network environment.

Edited On 05 May, 2011

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