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Conduit 2 review

With the hype already building for Nintendo’s next console many will start to overlook what the Wii has to offer, which is a shame really as there are still some titles worth playing. One of these titles is SEGA’s newest shooter, Conduit 2 and it’s certainly not one to miss out on.

Conduit 2 starts us right where The Conduit finished, with our gravelly voiced main character appearing on the other side of the conduit he jumped through previously, finding himself on a storm battered oil rig hot on the heels of nemesis John Adams. It appears that Adams is still up to his crazy plans and has unleashed a huge leviathan that attacks the rig. I hope that made sense as not having played the first game I was left clueless as to what was going on, who I was and more importantly, who that strange ball thing, that kept talking to me like I was Michael Knight from Knight Rider, was. The narrative does try and drop hints to keep you up to pace with the story, however after the first few kills it really didn’t matter as the game just shot along at a furious pace, showing that the Wii can do more adult themed first person shooters.

The action itself plays out in a mix between a first person shooter and a light gun game, with you running around corridors, hitting switches and tipping over tables to allow you to shoot from cover using the Wii Remote. When cover is not available you also have a Z-lock which allows you to strafe with ease around enemies whilst keeping the target locked in the middle of the screen.

Like with any other shooter, it’s all about the weaponry and in this respect Conduit 2 does not disappoint with its huge range of Earth and alien tech to pick up and use. Only being able to carry two weapons calls for some hard choices at times, do you go for the sniper, shotgun, plasma style weapons or even a Hive Cannon that eats pods for ammo and shoots out hundreds of bugs that lock onto your target? Whatever you go for, you will always leave a trail of carnage behind you and to keep the action flowing there are always plenty of auto saves and more importantly ammo crates so you are very rarely left light on bullets.

Graphically Conduit 2 is not going to wow the COD crowd, however it does have some decent light and particle effects on the alien weapons and when shooting off armour from enemies, who have a very familiar Halo feel to them.

Conduit 2 also has an online mode; who would have thought it would be SEGA showing Nintendo how to create online matchmaking without too much hassle? In a style familiar with most FPS games, each game played earns you experience points which rank you up; with each rank allowing you to alter your appearance and weapon sets. There is an impressive amount of game modes available with the usual suspects like flag capturing, VIP and Team Death matches plus more original modes like Balloon Battle and Bounty Hunter; each allowing for up to twelve players. Each map has its own feel and are really well laid out and varied with ruined city streets offering plenty of cover and alien walkways offering sniper chances and bottle necks for intense fire fights.

The multiplayer action doesn’t stop there as on top of the impressive online mode you can also have up to four players duke it out in a local split screen and even a co-op Invasion mode, with you all teaming up to battle waves of aliens.

Quite sensibly Conduit 2 garners for most control types including MotionPlus and Classic Controller. Whilst the single player mode is perfect for the Wii Remote, the Classic Controller feels more suited for online play as it felt a lot more natural in those heated fire fights.

Conduit 2 is a sure fire winner for the Wii and a perfect example of a FPS done properly. The single player offers plenty of replay value, with hidden weapons to locate and the plentiful multiplayer modes which will keep you occupied for ages.

Rating: Good

You can order Conduit 2 here.

Edited On 05 May, 2011

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