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THQ happy with Homefront

THQ CEO Brian Farrell has said that the company still has faith in Homefront and sees no reason why the franchise can go on to achieve  sales such as that of  Black Ops, which currently stands at around 14 million units sold in the U.S. alone.

“Of course, the market opportunity is there,” he said of Homefront, which so far has managed to ship 2.6 million copies.

“When I think about it, if you go back and look at the original Call of Duty, how they built that, the first Call of Duty didn’t do 18 million units. The franchise was built over time, building a quality consumer experience and supporting it well. And hey, there’s a lot of room between 2.6 million units and 18,” Farrell said.

Obviously Homefront was never going to shift as many units as an established brand such as Call of Duty, but it seems Farrell is confident that in the future, with the right marketing and consumer experience, Homefront franchise sales will reach high levels.

Thanks, IndustryGamers.

Edited On 06 May, 2011

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