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Splatterhouse 2010 (X360 & PS3)

Splatterhouse 2010. Namco’s Splatterhouse is a remake of their PC / TurboGrafx-16 horror beat’em up that was originally released back in 1988. It’s a horror-fest that most gore fans should enjoy playing, think along the lines of  the Left 4 Dead series mixed with Jim Carey’s MASK with copious amounts of blood splatter and you’ll soon get the idea as Splatterhouse more than lives up to its name in the gore department. Namco has nailed the all-important gore factor while also paying fan pleasing homage to the original game with updated Hi Def graphics that have a similar look to that of 2K Games’ epic “Borderlands”. Splatterhouse is a fun and quirky game that has it’s fair share of bad language but it also has some humorous moments. It’s a strange game in as much as that you may not be overwhelmed by it at first but You’ll be strangely drawn back to it finding yourself bashing those buttons and covering the floors, walls & ceilings in the claret stuff.. Splatterhouse keeps things fairly simple and it never takes itself too seriously. You take on the role of geeky looking student Rick, who, along with his girlfriend Jennifer take shelter from a storm in West Mansion where they are attacked by demonic creatures that drag Jennifer into the house and fatally wound Rick, leaving him for dead, Rick awakes to a god-like voice in his head that tells him he should go after Jennifer and save her, This voice comes from a nearby mystical sentient mask that promises to give him the powers needed to help him on his quest, Here lies your mission, Save the girl, As you and your blood fuelled mask progress through the mansion house, taking on all sorts of hideous creatures, on your journey you’ll also encounter the occasional boss, these range from being quite tricky to being frustratingly hard to finish off. all set to cheesy guitar chords that accompany your kills. The gruesome gameplay gets the job done with Rick possessing unlockable combo’s that are paid for with the blood you’ve collected in your blood bank, There are also light and heavy attacks  as well as mask powered special moves allowing the player to customise the way in which they go about their blood splattering spree with creative kills and finishing moves that have you tearing creatures limb from limb, ripping torso’s in half or squashing heads between your palms, all of which are showcased in reduced colour palette cutscenes. Some of the more pleasurable kills come from using melee weapons, such as wooden clubs full of nails, Large bladed knives or chainsaws,  and sometimes your own hacked off limbs (don’t worry, they soon grow back.)

Missing Limbs grow back

Homage has been paid again to the original games side-scrolling heritage, but these are sometimes plagued with strange camera angles and even near instant death from huge rotating wheels, saw blades, bottomless pits, swinging hammers and axes which can result in you having to restart from an earlier checkpoint, which is bad enough on it’s own without the added long load times which occur even if you install the game onto your hard drive..  In addition to the single player there is also a Survival arena, where wave after spawning wave of creatures come to do battle, not only will these get harder and harder but there are  also secret missions to undertake as well.   Sadly at present there is no online multiplayer in Splatterhouse, but it is due by the end of the year via an update which will enhance the replayability of this gore-tastic game  Metal Fans will be glad to hear that Splatterhouse features a licensed soundtrack with many of the top names in metal.   Splatterhouse is a fun game and it’s button bashing at it’s best, When Rick is flooding the screen with the claret stuff it’s extremely satisfying even though the constant combat can get  a bit repetitive at times, Luckily, there is a diverse range of hideous creatures to keep you on your toes throughout the game and also many ways to finish these hideous critters off for good.. If hack n slash or horror games are your genre of choice then Splatterhouse is a “bloody” good game and well worth a play.. Available for Xbox 360 & PS3.

Special Move


PS3 X360

Edited On 07 Dec, 2010

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