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Starhawk reveal coming at 9.30 this Friday

Tick Tock, Tick Tock that’s the clock counting down to the Starhawk reveal this Friday.

It couldn’t really be any more obvious that Sony is finally getting set to reveal Starhawk this Friday, what with Gametrailers teasing a new Sony exclusive and Dylan Jobe heading to London for a mysterious event (to which we never received an invite) but which we know took place on Tuesday.

Add in the other evidence such as TSA claiming to have a hands on with the game this Friday, and of course Dylan Jobe saying previously that “The Wait is over next Friday,” and its not exactly difficult to know that this is not rumour but fact.

Unfortunately what we don’t know is much about the game, however we do know that it will include single and multiplayer options. The rest we will find out on Friday.

Edited On 11 May, 2011

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