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Stephen Merchant would love to do Portal 3

Stephen Merchant has said he would love to be involved in Portal 3 and considering his wonderful performance in the latest game we are sure he would be welcome.

Speaking in an interview with MTV Multiplayer, Merchant said that although he thought he would never want to voice act on a game again, the reception for Portal 2 has made him change his mind.

“When I finished it I was like, I can never do this again, I’m so tired. Honestly, I’m not just exaggerating for the interview. I was really tired. By the third or fourth session, I was not looking forward to it. I was just like, I’m gonna be exhausted after this. So, at the time, I was thinking, Oh, I don’t fancy doing this again.”

“But now I’ve been very pleased by the response people have had to it. What I was really pleased by how people seemed to respond to it in the way they do with a movie they’ve enjoyed, or a TV show they’ve enjoyed. They seemed to respond to it as entertainment. It never occurred to me that people would respond to it in the way they do with other stuff I’ve done. I felt like, Oh, actually this is a really legitimate, creative art form now. Video games have expanded and developed and are so sophisticated right now that, yes, of course, they rank alongside movies and whatever else people really take to their hearts.”

We absolutely love Portal 2 with a passion and Stephen Merchant’s performance in particular, so this is music to our ears.

Now if only we could convince Valve to make Portal 3.

You can check out our Portal 2 review here and if you haven’t got hold of this wonderful game yet then you can visit Shopto and order it on PS3, Xbox 360 or PC.

Edited On 12 May, 2011

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