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First Starhawk screens and info arrives

The first screens from Starhawk, the new exclusive from Lightbox Interactive have arrived along with details of the new PS3 exclusive.

StarHawk is to include both a single and multiplayer campaign. The single player campaign is focused on the war over an energy known as “Rift Energy” or “Blue Gold” to humans. The multiplayer also returns, building on the previous features from Warhawk, while also adding in new features such as the ability to create units and structures.

Multiplayer will still see players battle as one of two faction across several maps with different game modes. Battles take place on the moons which surround the planet at the centre of the storyline. Each moon will represent a different environment, therefore this will provide plenty of variety when playing online.

Included in the game are mech like jets that are can transform from ground walking units to flying units similar in fashion to Warhawk’s.

The date has not yet been revealed for Starhawk, though we expect to see that at E3.

Check out the first screens below.

Edited On 13 May, 2011

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