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Japanese PSN banned from return

Sony will not be allowed to restart its halted online game services in Japan until it provides further information on what measures it has taken since the earlier hacking incident.

Speaking to Dow Jones Newswire’s regarding the incident, Kazushige Nobutani, director of the Media and Content Industry department at the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, said, “we met with Sony on May 6 and 13, and basically we want two things from them.

“The first is preventative measures. As of May 13, Sony was incomplete in exercising measures that they said they will do on the May 1 press conference,” he said, adding he could not provide details on the outstanding issues.

The second was in relation to Sony’s measures to make things up to its customer base after the loss of personal data.

“There were similar cases in the past that were caused by other firms, and we are asking Sony whether their measures are good enough when compared to countermeasures taken in the past,” he said.

Sony is doing everything it can to get the get the service up and running again in Japan and Asia, with Sony spokeswoman Kunie Tanaka saying the company is “still in talks with various authorities (in Japan and Asia).”

” By receiving advice from the industry ministry, we would like to have the service in Japan ready,” she concluded.

PSN was taken offline last month, it only returned yesterday in the rest of the World.

Thanks, Engadget.

Edited On 16 May, 2011

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