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No online play for FIFA 3DS

EA has revealed that FIFA 12 3DS will not include online play, neither will it include StreetPass or SpotPass features.

It was thought that the game would include online play, since FIFA 11 for DS had the feature, however producer Matt Prior confirmed to Nintendo World Report that it does not.

“Currently, we only have local head-to-head play, but server-based online is certainly something we would be looking at in the future.”

This is a real shame as the game is sounding pretty promising otherwise. Developed by the team at EA Canada, it will include new touchscreen controls, allowing you to  use the lower touch screen to draw your route to goal from a freekick.

The camera has also been changed to allow players to “experience the depth of the field and player movement with full 3D effects”.

It just seems all of this will be used without online play. Shame really.

Edited On 17 May, 2011

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