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No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise review

Who would of thought a game which came out on the Wii over three years ago would get a look in on the PS3? Well it’s happened and the game comes in the shape of No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise.

Those hoping for the new exploits of Travis Touchdown may be left a little disappointed with Heroes Paradise. This is just a remake and retooling of the original; yes to just port over an old game does seem a little lazy but now that the PS3 has the Move controller, games like this make perfect sense to introduce you to the World of motion. Thankfully, even though it’s a little strange and off the beaten path, No More Heroes offers original and fun gameplay.

You play as Travis Touchdown, an ex-wrestler with an eye for the ladies which happens to land him in his current predicament. Trying to impress the girl of his dreams who he only just met, Travis takes on a hitman job, once completed the dream girl Sylvia Christel (not to be confused with 70’s erotic film legend Sylvia Kristel) appears and explains a few home truths;  it turns out he has inadvertently taken out Number 11, a member of the United Assassins Association; now that Travis is the new 11 he has two options, wait for another up and comer to go for him or work his way up the tier to be No1. Desperate to impress Sylvia he goes for glory and starts to work his way through the UUA’s ranking.

Armed with a beam katana and a host of wrestling moves you cut a bloody swath across Santa Destroy. The beam katana is energy reliant so planning attacks is always a good idea, making this beat-em-up a bit more thoughtful. With both Move and standard controllers you are able to pull off high and low attacks with both the sword to dismember and melee attacks to stun enemies. Combos come thick and fast with small popups informing you what buttons to press to pull off some over the top wrestling grapples or finishing off a downed enemy.

Using the PlayStation Move  does allow you to pull off a range of moves depending on how you hold the katana. The Wii version of this game did manage to utilise the Motion Controller pretty well, however thanks to the extra precision given by the Move combat is easier and flows much better..

Getting to be number 1 is not as simple as taking on each assassin as you need to earn cash to purchase the right to fight, which means a visit to the job centre. Aside from a few cheap assassin jobs for the locals you can also partake in some coconut collecting and garbage picking, they sound boring but don’t expect menial jobs here as they are quite fun and offer a great break from the full on violence. All the jobs take place in the open world hub of Santa Destroy, where you can jump on your beefed up motorcycle and explore locations to find plenty of hidden items or go back to your hotel and check out the new clothing you have unlocked, watch cut scenes on the TV, feed your cat or sit on the toilet.

Being a port, No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise does not really shine on the PS3, the anime and retro style really worked well on the lower powered Wii but here it’s a little bland and empty. Even though the game is in HD your ears are in for a delight as it feels like you are wedged between two different 80’s arcade machines with plenty of beeps, pings and enemies screaming and blood gushing sound effects.

For those that already own this game on the Wii there are a few extras that were not included in the original, aside from the polished graphics you have a choice of controller and Move support, additional replay mode allowing you to take on bosses already defeated and view old cut scenes; plus there seems to be a lot more blood than before.

No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise is a very unique game that won’t appeal to everyone but it has become one of the few games with a cult following. Those willing to put time into Heroes Paradise are greatly rewarded with tight controls and overly violent action, a great story supported with a decent voice cast and plenty of nods to other genres that will keep gamers happy for many nights.

Rating: Good

You can order No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise here.

Edited On 18 May, 2011

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