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Arkham City has 40 hours of content

Rocksteady’s Sefton Hill has told the Guardian in a recent interview that Batman: Arkham City will  include a whopping 40 hours of content.

Speaking to the news site, Hill said that the main story campaign will take around 25 hours to finish, while there will also be an extra 15 hours of side-quests.

“It takes over 25 hours to complete the main stories in Batman: Arkham City.” said Hill. ” To keep players engaged for this length of time, not only do the characters and the story need to progress, but the core mechanics of the game they are playing need to change and adapt as well.”

“The side missions in Batman: Arkham City are a good example. We have around 15 hours of story that’s off the main path.”

Looks like Batman fans are in for a treat, considering it will also include five time as many characters.

Batman Arkham City is set to launch this October. You can pre-order your copy on here (Xbox 360), here (PS3) and here (PC).

Edited On 18 May, 2011

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