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New Dynasty Warriors 7 DLC detailed

Koei has detailed the second batch of Dynasty Warriors 7 DLC, which will be made available later this month.

This batch of DLC included 4 packs in total; 1 stage pack, 1 weapon pack and 2 costume packs and there’s more details about each, below.

STAGE PACK 1 – $3.99, £3.19 (PSN) / 320 MSP (XBL) Stage Pack 1 unlocks the Yellow Turbans’ and ‘Hulao Gate’ stages in Conquest Mode.

NEW WEAPON PACK 2 – $1.99, £1.59 (PSN) / 160 MSP (XBL) This weapon pack included two weapons; the Short Pike and the Mace.

COSTUME PACK 2 – $0.99, £0.79 (PSN) / 80 MSP (XBL) This pack unlocks costumes from Dynasty Warriors 5 for all of the game’s characters

ORIGINAL COSTUME PACK 1 – $4.99, £3.99 (PSN) / 400 MSP (XBL) This pack unlocks original costumes  for the 13 Wei officers and includes uniforms and suits, among others.

All 4 packs will be available on Xbox Live on 24th May in America and 25th May across Europe and on the same day on PSN, if the Playstation Store is live by then.

Thanks, Insp. Chin

Edited On 18 May, 2011

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