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EA details new NHL 12 features

EA Sports has detailed some of the new features that Hockey fans will see in this year’s NHL title.

One of the main changes in NHL 12 is the revamped ‘Be a Pro’ mode, which will let players experience legendary moments and go down in history by breaking famous records, throughout their career. The EA Sports action tracker will make sure your ‘ice time’ is proportional to how well you play.

NHL 12 will also benefit from a full contact physics engine, which means everything you see is interactive; from other players to the walls surrounding you, meaning you can experience the aggression of ice hockey like never before, glass will shatter, players will fight to knock each other over and helmets will fly from the heads of players. The new engine will also put the players’ size to use and bigger players will be able to use their strength to their advantage.

This year’s game is also the first to make use of ‘dynamic goalies’. Players will be able to knock the net from the goal and interact with goalies on a new level, knocking them down or forcefully moving them out of position, goalies will also be able to make saves more epic than we’ve ever seen before thanks to this new features. All-new goalie battles will also allow the player to engage themselves in a fisticuff with the opposition.

On top of all that, there’s also brand new gameplay presentation which gives the game a fresh and authentic new look and feel, with new presentation graphics that resemble broadcasts from the real world. EA will also be introducing the 2011 NHL Winter Classic event, which takes place at Heinz field in Pittsburgh.

Stay tuned for more news on NHL 12 and don’t be too surprised if EA give us some more information when E3 arrives, next month.

The game is set to release on 9 September in Europe and on the 13th in North America.

Thanks, VGRevolution.

Edited On 24 May, 2011

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