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VITA DevNet site suggests NGP’s new name is very much real

Yesterday we reported that the new name for Sony’s NGP is PS Vita and ever since there seems to have been more and more evidence to suggest this is the case.

The latest evidence, which is pretty strong, comes in the discovery of a SCE DevNet domain name, which clearly has the name Vita there for all to see.

DevNEt is a portal for developers, publishers and middleware companies, allowing them access to information and support for the hardware they are creating games for.

The fact that a Vita domain name has now shown up would probably suggest that this is the final name for the device, unless of course Sony was just considering this as one of the possible names for the device and registered the domain just in case.

In either case, DevNet is a Sony owned site, so it does seem more and more likely that NGP is going to be called Vita.

We will find out for sure at E3, which is only one week away.

Thanks, NeoGaf (via PSLS).

Edited On 30 May, 2011

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