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First Metro Last Light details, aims to improve on Metro 2033

IGN are reporting that Metro 2033 developer, 4A Games, has announced the first details regarding the upcoming sequel, Metro Last Light after referring to the original as “a flawed masterpiece”.

Metro 2033, reportedly had some problems with its AI and broken game mechanics but it gathered its fare share of fans, regardless and 4A are looking to fix those problems by splitting the development of Last Light down into three ‘pillars’.

As with any sequel, the developer’s first aim is to ‘Keep what works’. 4A are promising to keep the unique atmosphere of the first game by including some familiar gameplay mechanics, such as scarce ammo and the use of ammo for currency. The sequel will also bring back stealth sections, to help break-up the gameplay and as this is a direct sequel, players will once again control Artyom, the protagonist of the first game.

4A’s next aim is to ‘fix what’s broken’. Metro 2033 was wounded by sketchy AI and during stealth sections, for example, every guard in the area would instantly know your exact whereabouts if you made even the smallest mistake.  According to IGN, Many gamers experienced glitches during the game such as invisible enemies and the ability to get stuck in walls. Whilst the game was far from the glitchiest of all time, it wasn’t the most polished either and the developers have promised to overcome all of the problems from the first game. They’re also adding a multiplayer component, a feature that the first game was criticized for lacking.

And finally, 4A want Metro Last Light to ‘look amazing’. The devs have said that they want to push PC hardware with the sequel, whilst creating ‘the best looking game on consoles’, a title recently taken by Crysis 2. After having seen the game, IGN say 4A Games are off to a good start with one level they saw, being particularly good looking.

These are definitely some bold promises, but if 4A Games manage to keep them we could be looking at a fantastic game. We’ll keep you updated with any information we get and you can expect to see more of Metro Last Light during E3.

Edited On 31 May, 2011

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