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NGP tease in new article, unnamed games shown

Mobile Reviews has went live with a new article regarding the NGP.

In the new article we see some fantastic shots for games such as Uncharted, Little Deviants and quite a few more besides.

It seems Uncharted left the biggest impression on the writer, who describes it as having “nice combat gameplay,” while also stating that “you never feel a need for another kind of controller, a keyboard or a mouse.”

He also goes on to give positive impressions on the gameplay, as well as briefly talking about Little Deviants and Wipeout 2048.

The most interesting thing to come out of the story is some of the screenshots. The writer says he isn’t at liberty to reveal some of the other games he played, but then posts screenshots for them anyway, which we feel will no doubt get him into trouble at some point should there be an embargo on this material.

Unfortunately we were not invited to this event, however we will be able to bring you our impressions of NGP soon thanks to our man in L.A at E3 already prepping himself to go hands on.

You can check out all the screens from Mobile Review below. Why not guess what the games are and post a comment below for fun? Some are quite obvious it seems.

Edited On 02 Jun, 2011

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