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Uncharted 3 gets Collector’s Edition

Sony has updated the PS Blog to give us the details of Pre-Order bonuses and Special Editions for Uncharted 3 Drakes Deception in Europe.

Here are the pre-order bonuses which will be available at select retailers :

  • ‘Callout Mod for AK-47
  • ‘Clip Size Mod for Para-9′
  • ‘Clip Size Mod for G-MAL’
  • ‘Creepy Crawler Kickback’
  • ‘Carpet Bomb Kickback’
  • ‘Regeneration Booster’

      There is also news of a European Special Edition which will include a PSN voucher allowing you to download the following items:

      • Multiplayer skin and weapon: ‘London Drake and Pirate AK-47′:Customise the appearance of both your avatar and your weapon.
      • Multiplayer ‘Upper Cut Taunt’: Allows you to give an upper-cut gesture for increased self-expression and bragging rights when playing online.
      • ‘Cash Multiplier’: Earn in-game cash much faster when playing online.
      • ‘Special Edition Decals Pack’: Decals to customise your avatar’s accessories.

      Finally there is the European Collector’s Edition, named the ‘Explorer Edition’ which will include the Nathan Drake figurine, ring and belt buckle from the US Collector’s Edition. There will also be an antic style replica traveller box with a real authentic feel to it and it will include everything from the Special Edition and its DLC . Sony says it’s also looking to add a few more items like a Nathan Drake passport holder and a 3D lenticular image like the InFamous 2 Special Edition.

      To grab a preorder for Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception from Shopto.net click here. The game is released on the 1st of November in the US and the 4th in the UK.

      Check out the screens below.

      Edited On 02 Jun, 2011

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