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NGP line-up revealed

Sony has revealed the line-up for their upcoming PSP successor, which is codenamed NGP.

When the handheld console was first announced, Sony demonstrated that the NGP would benefit from a range of games from all genres and by revealing the machine’s line-up of games, they have officially crushed any doubt you could have had about that.

Reality Fighters which is being brought to us by Invizimals dev, Novorama, is a fighting game with an augmented reality twist. It works like any other brawler, except it uses the NGP’s tech to project characters onto a backdrop chosen by the player, using the machine’s camera.

Jonathan Mak, the developer behind PSN’s everyday shooter, is currently working on an NGP game titled Sound Shapes, a a rhythm powered platformer which benefits from user-generated content.

Uncharted: Golden Abyss, which is in development at Bend Studio, is probably one of the biggest releases the console will see. The game promises to make Nathan Drake’s first portable adventure an exciting one, by keeping the franchise’s crucial elements but at the same time providing the option for a more innovative experience with the NGP’s touch and tilt controls.

Studio Liverpool will be bringing one of the PlayStation’s most famous franchises back, with WipEout 2048. The game will keep the same anti-gravity racing experience we’ve come to know and love but it will also bring a range of new features with it, such as the ability to play online against gamers who are playing WipEout HD Fury on their PS3.

Little Deviants is a mini game collection, which has been crafted to showcase the NGP’s range of features. The game will utilize the rear touch pad, touch screen, motion sensor, both cameras and the microphone to demonstrate what the machine is capable of, all in one place.

Super Stardust Delta brings the PSN hit to the NGP, using the machine’s dual analog sticks for a familiar experience, whilst also making use of the touch screen and motion sensing controls to bring something new to the table.

Hustle Kings, the king of pool games, is back with extra precise controls thanks to the machine’s touch screen and rear touch pad.

Everybody’s Golf will also be making its way to the NGP and will utilize traditional, touch and tilt controls as well as an “effortless online multiplayer” mode.

On top of this fantastic list, you’ll also be able to play PSP games from the PlayStation store. Resistance Retribution, for example, will be compatible with the NGP’s dual analog sticks to improve on an already polished experience.

You can get more information, as well as some screenshots for each title on the PS Eu Blog. Expect to see and hear a lot more about Sony’s NGP at E3. Sony’s press conference kicks off on Monday night (or Tuesday morning) at 1am GMT.

Edited On 02 Jun, 2011

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