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Killzone to get new map pack, adds four maps

Killzone 3 is to game a new map pack which will add four new maps and trophies to the game.

New maps included in the map pack are Tharsis Depot, Radec Academy, Lente Missle Base and the Mobile Factory. It doesn’t seem like these have been announced as yet, hence the lack of details, however the trophy listings for the game clearly show that the new map pack is planned.

No Go For Launch – Deactivate missile launch Deactivate the missile launch while playing in Lente Missile Base Exhausted – Get killed by missiles Get killed by the exhaust from the missile launch while playing in Lente Missile Base Bullet Spam – Kill with the Minigun pickup Get 5 kills with the Minigun pickup in a single match while playing in Mobile Factory Mini-Gone – Kill a player with the Minigun Kill any player that is using the Minigun pickup in Mobile factory Radec’s Revenge – Kill the ISA Kill 5 different ISA players in a single match while playing in Radec Academy Turn Back Time – VC9 Missile Launcher kill Get a single VC9 Missile Launcher kill in Radec Academy Jetpack on Jetpack Action – Jetpack killer While flying in mid-air, shoot down and kill another flying Jetpack player in Tharsis Depot Frequent Flyer – Fly for 60 seconds With a Jetpack equipped, fly for 60 seconds or more in Tharsis Depot Hacker – Hack turrets As an Engineer, successfully hack 3 enemy turrets in a single match Tag. You’re It. – Kill using the Recon ability Kill 3 enemies within a single activation of the Recon ability while playing as a Tactician Cloak and Fragger – Kill Marksmen While playing as a Marksman , kill 5 enemy Marksmen in a single match Taken From Behind – Brutal Melee from behind Brutal Melee 3 enemy players from behind while disguised in a single match while playing as an Infiltrator Immortal – Survive bleedout With the Field Medic Triage ++ ability active, survive bleedout 5 times in a single match

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Thanks, Chalky83.

Edited On 03 Jun, 2011

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