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‘Super Secret Remake’ to appear at E3, according to IGN

IGN have posted their E3 schedule and although there’s a lot of obvious names in there, there’s one or two (read: three) super secret projects as well. Literally.

If you take a look at the list, IGN are reportedly seeing a ‘Super Secret Remake’ on Tuesday.  Could this be the Halo remake that’s been rumoured for what seems like eternity? Its position in a block of 360 exclusives say yes, but that’s not to say it couldn’t be anything else.

The IGN team are also seeing two ‘Super Secret Sequels’ on Wednesday, as well. GTA V and Resident Evil 6, anyone?

Truth be told, these three could be anything but I definitely wouldn’t say no to an HD remake of the original Halo. We’ll find out what’s going on, for sure, this week. You can see all the news from E3 in one place, here.

Edited On 05 Jun, 2011

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