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Kinect Star Wars details outed

Details on Kinect Star Wars are starting to appear on the internet this morning courtesy of Entertainment Weekly.

According to the site “Standing in front of your TV within view of the Kinect scanner, players can use The Force to lift or throw objects by reaching out with a hand (or both hands, for moves that require extra effort), just like the Jedis do in the movies.” The site also goes on to say that you can also “use your hands to mimic movements, like driving a pod-racer, firing the guns on an X-wing fighter, and of course, wielding a lightsaber to hack at droids and deflect laser bolts.”

Sounds like fun.

There are a couple of videos below for the game showing some footage of the game, which appears to be an on-the-rails adventure, which we would probably have expected. One of the videos, which is in french, also seems to show some details of Disneyland Adventures, although all we can gather from this is that you are wandering around the park going on rides?

Check out the videos below.

Edited On 06 Jun, 2011

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