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Steel Battalion Kinect

Many years ago, some time after the last ice age but when Duke Nukem Forever was still a fresh and exciting idea, somone in Japan who had seen Robojox far too many times came up with a game that used this…..

Steel Battalion Controller

There aren't enough opposable thumbs in the universe for this

For the mere sum of £150 this beast could be yours, though the insane learning curve and myriad of buttons that did everything from fire missiles to put out internal fires meant only the hardest of hard core gamers made it through.

Since then these colossal controllers have been traded on ebay by gamers with a 1000 yard stare and desperate need to recoup money.

However it seems that the people at Capcom, instead of putting the development team of Steel Battalion into a home for the video gamically insane, simply put them in a room with some crayons for 8 years, waiting…..

Its now 2010 and we are the dawn of Kinect, a revolutionary control mechanism that needs no control pads, no steering wheel or pedals. Someone at Capcom says ‘You know, I think it’s time to wake up the Steel Battalion guys….’

Steel Battalion – Kinect Trailer

Now if that ain’t awesome I dont know what is. Stay tuned for updates!

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Edited On 12 Oct, 2010

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