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Nintendo officially announce ‘Wii U’.

Project Cafe? Nope. Beem? Nope. Stream? Nope. The Nintendo Nintendo? Absolutely not.

It’s the Wii U and it’s just been announced at Nintendo’s press conference in LA.

As rumoured, it features a new controller with an in-built 6.2″ touch screen, which will feature a front facing camera, a full set of buttons, dual analog sticks, motion control capabilities and will also work alongside the Wii remote and nunchuck, to create brand new experiences, that wouldn’t be possible without it. (For example, we saw the two being used as a gun while the new controller acted as the sight)

The Wii U controller will also allow video calls and will give you ability to stream content from the controller to the TV.

The Wii U will be backwards compatible with Wii games and accessories and doesn’t need to be near the console or TV to work. We saw it being used alongside the Wii balance board to give the user an extensive rundown on their health.

We were also told that Wii U games can utilize both the TV screen and the controller’s touch screen, for a more immersive gaming experience.

It’s arriving in 2012.

Please note that nobody is actually sure if the Wii U is an entirely new console or just a controller. We’ll let you know when somebody’s found out.

More on this soon.

Edited On 07 Jun, 2011

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