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Nintendo’s Wii U: Let’s clear this up

As you’ve probably heard, Nintendo announced their new console during their E3 press conference, which has just come to an end.

There was one major problem with the announcement of the ‘Wii U’, though. Nobody had a clue what they were showing us. Was it a controller, or was it a new console? We’ve done our best to decipher Ninty’s nonsensical ramblings into something a bit more understandable.

It’s not called Beem Or Stream, or Nintendo. It’s called ‘Wii U’.

There is a new console. For the first 30 minutes or so after the announcement of the new machine, all we got to see was Reggie going round in circles as he tried to explain what Nintendo’s big reveal actually was and as much as we love him, he did an awful job. Everything he said implied that the Wii U was just a controller, for the Wii. After resorting to checking other sources, though, it’s become clear that there will be a new console.

There’s a new controller. There maybe a new console, but all that talk of the new controller wasn’t a lie. The controller will feature a 6.2″ touch screen, a full set of buttons, dual analog sticks, a front facing camera and motion control capabilities.

The controller will let you play games (obviously) in a new way, as well as allowing for activities like drawing, video chatting and media streaming (from the controller, to the TV)

It works with the old things. The Wii U isn’t restricted to the new controller. It can work using the Wii remote, the Nunchuck, or all of them together. We got to see a video which showed the Wii remote and Nunchuck being used like a gun, while the Wii U remote acted as the scope, allowing you to zoom in on targets, which are displayed on your TV.

The console will also be backwards compatible with every Wii game and other peripherals such as the Wii Balance Board.

It’s in HD. It’s got internal memory. There’s also some other specs. The Wii U will be capable of playing 1080p HD games, via an HDMI output, although the controller’s display isn’t HD.  The machine will ship with flash-based internal memory, that will be expandable through the use of USB and SD carts (There’s 4 USB ports in total). Games will ship on “large capacity” iDensity discs. It will also use Multicore-based IBM Power.

It will reach out to the core market. The montage which showed ‘core’ third party games may have been over before you could say “It’s got real games!” and they may have spent longer talking about some kind of Lego GTA clone, but we did see quite a few games including Darksiders 2, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Assassin’s Creed, Ghost Recon, Battlefield and Aliens: Colonial Marines. A lot of the footage shown seemed a little too good, considering they’d spent most of their time letting us know what gimmicks the controller was capable of performing but if the short clips we saw were  of Wii U gameplay, then it definitely looks like it could be great.

It’s not invisible. Contrary to popular belief, you can actually see the console. There’s a picture of it in the gallery below, a long with some of the machine’s new controller, that I’m dubbing ‘the big plastic slate with the giant screen in the middle’. It would also seem that some members of the press  already had the opportunity to give the machine a go, before the announcement, so it’s definitely there.

As always, we’ll bring you further information as we get it.

Edited On 07 Jun, 2011

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