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When sending in consoles please include the Console, the Original Controller, console box, and all cables in your trade-in package.

If these are not returned the value of the items missing will be deducted from the total. This is calculated from the trade in value of the items not returned. If you do not have the console box £5 will be deducted from the trade-in value.

Products Condition Trade-in Value
In order to send your goods, please click on "Get Label" button and then print the displayed label. The label is also available in My Account Tradein section.
Get Label
  1. We would recommend reading through our FAQ found here before posting your item to us.
  2. We advise getting sufficient insurance for any trade-in you send. ShopTo is not responsible for goods that are lost or damaged in the mail.
  3. Please only send your item(s) to the address printed on your trade-in label. If this is sent to any other address we will not receive this and a credit not cannot be issued.


What is the ShopTo.Net Programme?

The ShopTo trade-in program allows you to receive a ShopTo.Net credit note in exchange for sending eligible items to us.

How do I trade-in items?

  1. Visit the Trade-In area.
  2. Search the product barcode of your item to see if this is eligible for trade-in.
  3. If your item is listed as eligible for trade-in, you are certain on the condition it is in and you wish to sell your item at the displayed price, then click the item line to add this to your trade-in basket.
  4. Make sure you read and agree to the Trade-In Programme Terms and Conditions, then click the Continue button.
  5. Select or enter an address from which you send your items. This address will also be used to return items that aren't accepted.
  6. Send your item(s).
  7. After your submission is received and verified, you will receive a ShopTo credit note deposited in your account.
  8. You can view your trade-in history, status and credit information in your ShopTo account section.

How do I determine how much you will pay for my goods?

We have a team dedicated to setting our trade in prices. On searching for a product through our Trade-In program it will display the selectable conditions of your item and the price we will offer for it.

I don’t live in the UK, can I still trade-in my goods online?

Unfortunately we currently only offer this service to UK residents.

How old do I have to be to use the ShopTo.Net trade-in program?

We require you to be at least 18 years old to use our trade-in program.

What products can I trade in?

We only accept trade-ins for video games and hardware (consoles).


Are there any delivery or other fees?

We will supply a pre-paid Royal Mail delivery label for packages that weighs up to 1000grams. This will allow you to return this to us completely free of charge. When you submit your trade-in, you'll print a pre-paid Royal Mail delivery label for sending in your items. If your package weighs more than 1000grams, such as a games console, we offer a service which is called ‘Collect+’. This service will allow you to drop off you parcel at a local shop where you will receive proof of postage / tracking. ‘Collect+’ insures all shipments for £50 and will accept packages up to 10Kilos. Further information regarding ‘Collect+’ can be found here (http://www.collectplus.co.uk/)

How many ‘Collect+’ points are there?

There are over 5,000 drop off points in the UK mainland and Northern Ireland. These are stores such as local Co-Ops, McColls and Spar. Unfortunately there are no collection points in the Channel Islands or at BFPO locations. Further information regarding ‘Collect+’ can be found here (http://www.collectplus.co.uk/)

How do I check for eligible trade in items?

On searching the barcode of the item through our trade-in value checker, this will list all eligible items for trade-in.

Is there a maximum number of items I can trade in?

We have no limit in place for trade-ins at anyone time.

Do you guarantee the trade-in price listed on your website?

Yes we do, subject to the trade in program terms and conditions, you will receive the trade-in price listed as a ShopTo.Net credit note. Prices quoted for Trade-ins will be guaranteed for 7 days from this issue date. Any Trade-ins returned after this time period will receive the current Trade-In prices which are available.

Under what circumstances will I be paid more (or less) for accepted items?

What happens if my trade-in isn't accepted?

Rejected items eligible for return will be shipped to you within 7 days after receipt at no cost to you. Rejection reasons for the return package can be viewed through your account section. Further information regarding this can be found in ‘Additional Return Terms and Conditions for Rejected Items’

What items are not acceptable?

Video Games:

  • Disc is cracked
  • Item is marked 'Not For Resale' (or is otherwise marked not for sale)
  • Foil was damaged
  • Game does not play
  • Original barcode was missing - e.g. not for exchange or individual return
Hardware (Consoles)
  • Does not power ‘ON’ (even after charging) and/or does not function
  • Item is marked 'Not For Resale' (or is otherwise marked not for sale)
  • Severely damaged – unusable

How long does it take to process a trade-in?

We will aim to process your trade-in within 2 working days from receipt, informing you whether this has been accepted or rejected. If the trade-in is accepted a ShopTo credit note will be issued directly to your account. Your trade-in will not be accepted if it does not meet the eligibility criteria. Rejected items will be returned to you approximately 7 days after receipt at no cost to you, and a ShopTo.Net credit note will not be issued. You will receive an email notification and this information will be updated in your ShopTo account.

How do I get paid for trade-in items?

If your trade-in is accepted by ShopTo, a ShopTo.Net credit note for the quoted amount will appear in your ShopTo account within 2 working days. Your credit note is automatically added to the available balance in your account so you don't need to redeem any claim codes or wait for gift cards in the mail. Your ShopTo credit note can be applied towards the purchase of any item on our website. Trade-in submissions sent via Royal Mail may take up to 6 business days to arrive before your submission is processed.

How should I package & send my trade-in?

We recommend packing your trade-in items as best as possible to avoid any damaged in the post on its journey to us. Guidelines on how you should pack your trade-in can be found below:

  • Use padded envelopes for the return of a video game for example.
  • Make sure any padded envelope / box is strong enough for the contents.
  • Fill out envelopes / boxes with cushioning material like bubble-wrap or polystyrene chips.
  • Seal securely with nylon or vinyl tape along all edges and openings.
  • Use a ‘FRAGILE’ sticker, if necessary.

We would advise that customer post via the post office – ‘According to Royal Mail Packetpost instructions, it's recommend that all items are sent via the Post Office(TM), as all items will receive a proof of posting (which helps cover against fraud, and also without which you cannot claim for any loss or damage against Royal Mail). If posted in a pillar-box, the customer should be aware of having no proof of posting. To find your closest Post Office(TM) location, visit the branch finder or go to www.royalmail.co.uk and select 'branch finder'.

IMPORTANT: We advise getting sufficient insurance for any trade-in you send. ShopTo is not responsible for goods that are lost or damaged in the mail.

Please only send your item(s) to the address printed on your trade-in label. If this is sent to any other address we will not receive this and you will not receive a ShopTo credit note.

What happens if when I send my trade-in gets lost or damaged in the post?

We recommend getting sufficient insurance for any trade-in you send, as ShopTo is not responsible for goods that are damaged or lost in the Royal Mail post.

Why did I see a trade-in offer on a specific item one day, but it was gone the next day?

Who do I contact with questions about my trade-in?

You can contact ShopTo concerning Trade-in directly here.

How do I use a ShopTo.Net credit note?

On acceptance of your trade-in your account will be automatically credited the specified trade-in value. This credit will be displayed at checkout of your next order and automatically deduct off the total cost.

If my item isn't listed, will you add more eligible items?

We are always looking to add new items so check back regularly. You can contact us through your account section if you wish to make us aware of a specific title you would like to trade in.

Can I change my trade-in after it has been submitted?

Once submitted you cannot edit / change the trade-in. You can cancel the trade-in completely and create a new one though.