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    Every year it's the same story: while everybody is resting and getting ready for Christmas Day, Santa Claus has his busiest time of year and desperately tries to deliver all gifts in time. This year Santa has more presents to deliver than ever, and as not having the presents delivered on time is simply not an option, he needs your help. In this funny Christmas adventure you will fly Santa's sled, drawn by the fantastic reindeers, to several major cities around the world such as New York, Rome and Sydney. You need to deliver gifts to both boys and girls, and with the clock as your biggest enemy, this will prove to be a challenge. Be careful, because the scary Gargula will do everything to steal the gifts and ruin Christmas. In your aid you can catch some bonus objects around the cities, some give you more points, others more speed, and others simply is a big surprise. Christmas Magic is funny, happy, and easy to play game - an adventure that will enchant the whole family. It features an original sound track of several traditional Christmas songs.

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