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    [English] It is monday morning! David and John have discovered monitoring cameras in their company! They were installed during the week-end! they can't believe it: who did that? why? One thing is sure: John, David, Emma, Annie and their colleagues will never accept being spied without reacting... But the management is watching... and may discover their plans and the mess. So there is only one solution = hack the camera system by all the means.. In this crazy adventure, you can play four characters - two men and two girls -, using their specificities and very special relationship with their co-workers, saving your energy in your tasks, blackmailing your colleagues... But you should never forget: somebody is watching you!!! Features: - A unique gameplay : perform all kind of bad tricks to reach your goals...but all in a very humorous way. Fun, fun, fun is the key word ! - Manage your relationship with each of your co-worker. Make friends or enemies. Be nice or bad. Each of your action will interfere on your environment. It will help you to complete your objectives...or not ! - 2 game modes : - Story= An original adventure will entertain you during many hours! - Dirty tricks contest= do as many bad actions as you can do! - 4 different characters to play, 2 men and 2 girls. Each sex has its advantages and its defects... - Take the control of the camera and blackmail your colleagues : you will surprise your friends in tendencious situations... - A larger and funnier and more funny universe : the playground has been multiplied by 2 and tens of non-playable characters work in the company. All the personalities and clichés you can find in your own company are included. [Svenska] Det är måndag morgon på kontoret på U-Gene och överaskningen är total: ett CCTV övervakningssystem har installerats över helgen! Av vem? Varför? En sak är säker: David, John, Anne, Emma och de andra tänker inte bli spionerade på. Äventyrsläge: Utför 12 uppdrag i äventyrsläge där du spelar som David, Anne, Emma och John alternativt eller flera gånger. Fritt spelläge: Allt eftersom du kommer vidare i äventyrsläget och klarar dina uppdrag, så låser du upp olika fria spelalternativ för David, Anne, Emma och John.

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