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    The era of Napoleon Bonaparte (1793 - 1815) is without doubt one of history's landmarks. His iron will led conquering French troops throughout Europe. His name is synonymous with civil law and rights in France ... he himself wrote, "My real fame will lie not in the fact that I have won 40 battles, but in that which cannot be forgotten, in that which will live forever ... my Code Napoleon", the Code Civil of today. Be in the thick of Napoleon's battles and command the French fleet at the Battle of Trafalgar. Attack the coasts of your English enemies with your warships during the blockade of the century; take part in the horrific Russian campaign of 1813 and lead Napoleon's troops to victory. This action game is a real eye opener for the casual gamers - it was conceived and designed solely with them in mind. Features: • Marine battles against enemy blockades • Ships attacking enemy coast positions • Territorial battles against enemy cannon locations • 3 graphically different exterior levels with varying difficulty levels • Historical background information • Gripping sound

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