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    "Train Empire" is a 3D game in which the player has to lay down tracks as skilfully as possible. The unlimited and constantly new variations in the landscape, the simple controls and the absorbing gameplay make this game unique. In each level, there is a new randomly generated landscape. The player must connect a series of towns with railway lines and control rail movements. At the beginning of the game, only two towns must be connected and only a few trains run. Great care must be taken in planning and building the railway network so that it can expand without difficulty. The economic conditions are also reproduced as realistically as possible. Track laying, repairing damaged tracks and delayed trains will cost you money, but every punctual train will earn you money. Every time you link a new town to the network, the traffic levels will increase. Technical advances will make the trains both longer and faster. In the game, you will have to deal with problems such as difficult terrain, lack of funds and technical improvements. You will also have to run a marshalling yard. The game commences at the beginning of the railway age in Europe in the1830's and continues up to today Features: • Clever mix of logistics and skill • 3D environment: terrain, water, trees, mountains, birds and even herds of cows • Continuous development: growing towns, technical advances and new discoveries • Unlimited variations in the landscape • Bridges, tunnels, signal towers and points • Up to 8 towns per map • Variable camera perspectives

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