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    4 years have passed since the end of the adventure narrated by R.-L. Stevenson in his novel, Treasure Island. Jim Hawkins is now an upright, selfless and adventurous young man. He couldn't believe his eyes when he saw Capitain Flint, Long John Silver's faithful parrot, entering through the window and bringing him a letter written by its master. The old pirate announces Jim that he devises him a fabulous treasure hidden on the island on which he secretly withdrawed 4 years ago: the Emerald island... But Jim has to hurry up because some pirate enemies of Long John are already on his tracks... Features: 1- Continuation of an adventure that captivated millions of readers and inspired several cinematographical adaptations (for instance Disney) : for the first time, a videogame will be based on Stevenson's Treasure Island ! 2- A thrilling quest during which you can meet the mythical characters created by Stevenson. 3- Fascinating and varied environments: ride through the 23 amazing locations of the island - beaches, cape, cave, submarine scene... 4- An innovative game system thanks to an interactive inventory that allows to combine objects and to a new puzzles system with marine bends. 5- Dozens of gripping puzzles that will keep you in suspense for hours!

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