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    Ceville is a 3D Point & Click-Adventure. In this game, players assume the role of tiny tyrant Ceville. When he's not puzzling his way through the world of Faeryanis he's guaranteed to be found holding hilarious conversations with one of the more than 30 different inhabitants of his former realm. Later in the game Ceville is joined by two other characters which the player also controls, either one after the other or as a team. With the logical combination or use of objects players won't be able to stop grinning or laughing out loud as they puzzle their way through an epic story of the eternal war between "Evil" and... "really, really terribly Evil"!The Story Faeryanis, a fairy-tale realm much as any other... well, almost, anyway. The people suffer under the reign of the tyrant Ceville. One day the pot boils over. The formerly docile populace mutates into a raging mob who throw the tyrant into his own prison! Theoretically this would be time for the happy end. However, things aren't quite what they seem...In reality it was Ceville's former right-hand man Basilius, who fomented the revolt so that he could take the King's place. His plans for Faeryanis are much bleaker than anything Ceville could have ever come up with, for Basilius has started practicing witchcraft and plans to unleash a horde of demons upon the land. Unfortunately, the only one who knows about Basilius' infernal plan is Ceville - and no one believes him. Except for one little girl! Together they set out on their quest to stop Basilius and save the country from the very hands, er, claws of evil! On their journey they face deranged druids, elfin environmentalists, gold-crazed dwarves, reformed villains and a host of other obstacles... The Characters Ceville The vertically-challenged King Ceville reigns the fairy-tale realm of Faeryanis with a ruthless iron fist... At least, up until a raging mob storms his castle! Will he get his just revenge on Basilius, who fomented the revolt to take the throne for himself? Lilly A sweet little girl with a heart of gold (figuratively speaking, of course) who, armed with her trusty slingshot, helps Ceville in his fight against evil. That is, in the fight against someone more evil than Ceville, at any rate... Ambrosius Ambrosius, totally heroic Paladin by trade, has won numerous Hair competitions with his incredibly incredible hairstyle. Honest. Whenever he's not busy tending to his simply gorgeous appearance (go ahead - ask him) or bragging about adventures past (don't ask him), he single-mindedly pursues his life goal of one day capturing his arch-enemy Ceville.

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