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    R.C. Cars is an arcade racer where the player drives an R/C car over off-road levels that closely reproduce the real world. Within the race the player comes across people, animals, cars and a variety of real-life obstacles. The player drives his small radio-controlled car in an environment where daily life is in its full swing. He needs to overtake his opponents and finish first. Key Features - R/C cars with magnificent racing physics - Boost and jump features - Animated people and animals, interactive objects, full-scale cars, waves etc. hindering the toy cars on the track - Championship mode: a player wins prize money for placing in the race and can purchase car upgrades, participate on further tracks etc. - Shortcuts on all tracks enhance replayability and keep player's interest in passing the tracks - The game provides a "never seen before" quality of realism of the suspension model and its physics. This brings on a new level of feeling to control and suspension reaction in driving simulators. - Enrichment of the race genre with a large number of interactive animated characters, animals and props. The characters are not simple obstacles but real AI-driven non-playable opponents that actively react to the car actions (they try to kick or even seize and throw the car off the track, etc.). - Many in-game scale-defining objects emphasize size difference between the car and the real world. - Physics engine outperforms majority of car simulators currently on the mass market. - The player controls car jumps in addition to ordinary car driving. - Multiple shortcuts hidden on the tracks make for a more exciting racing and add more intrigue to overcoming opponents. - Knocking over and hitting loose objects located on the track allow the player to pick up bonuses

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