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    The game tells a story of Simon Bukner. Story starts in 1917, when the US Army joins the First World War and Simon leaves is hometown to fight in Europe. His battalion gets lost behind enemy lines during heavy fights, soldiers try to break through back to allied positions, and accidentially find a secret Stronghold Research Factory. The Complex was administrated by Necromancer, a mad scientist who promised Undead Army regiment, made of soldiers recycled from dead corpses. No one knows how he achieves that task, but the first batalion of dead soldiers is ready to fight. The truth behind Necromancer success in bringing dead back to life is a secret pact he signed with vampires living in an underground world. Vampires possesed the knowledge of how to enchant human bodies for ages. Simon conquers Necromancer and takes from him an ancient artifact - he is a Necromancer. In his last breath defeated Necromancer discloses that there is more to the war that what can be seen on the surface. There is another war deep in the underground world, where Vampires are fighting Demons and losing ground. If they fall, evil creatures will be released and will destroy all life on Earth. Simon decides to pass into the underground world and defeat demons, his mission is to close the portal, accidentially opened by the vampires, which is located near the core of Earth. In underground world Simon has to fight against mad vampires and demons, he must defeat revolt angel Azazel...and finally conquer Mephisto the guardian of the hell portal.

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