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    In a general sense Planet Alcatraz can be portrayed as a non-linear adventure with lots of shooting. Several genres are mixed in this game but despite that fact it isn't stuck between them and appears to be a classical RPG that is based on a specially developed system. The action takes place on prison planet Alcatraz. Its inhabitants are inveterate criminals that were banished there for the life term for their terrible crimes. The main objective of the game is to control a sabotage group that consists of the only one person in the beginning and enlarges through the game. The player has to use all sorts of resources and means to accomplish the mission. A great number of key features make Planet Alcatraz unlike other games, but fans of such projects as Crusader: No Regret, Fallout Tactics, Star Wars: Knights of Old Republic,Silent Storm and Rage of Mages will certainly find it very attractive; Absolutely unique universe Creation of the main character allows changing basic characteristics and appearance including facial animation based on LifeMode technology Advanced role and fighting systems developed specially for that game Tense atmosphere determined by deep immersion to planet's criminal world Modern 3D engine Comprehensive dialogue system allowing the player to choose the way of behaving and communication on his own Possibility to influence on NPC either in moral or physical manner About 100 kinds of cold steel and firearms About 200 characters involved in dialogues About 80 original monsters, including flying and poisonous Cinematic trailers competently interlaced with the story line Thrilling non-linear plot line teemed with plenty of keen occurrences Fights and adventures with different behavioral and battle options Original sounds and music

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