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Silverfall & Silverfall : Earth Awakening DOWNLOAD

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    This product contains both Silverfall and Silverfall : Earth Awakening and does not require the original game to play Silverfall Silverfall is a pure Hack 'n' Slash oriented Role-Playing-Game that offers an original universe and its own graphic style. Since the dawn of time, the inhabitants of the valleys, humans, trolls, elves and goblins alike, have relied on the wizards of air, water, earth and fi re. But the ancient tradition has run its time. The invention of the steam engine has overturned the ancient social orders and created virtual industrial kingdoms. Taking advantage of the confl icts that tear the partisans of nature and science apart, the forces of darkness and their commander, Death-Shadow, are besieging the magic places to appropriate their powers. Your quest will take you far and wide in your battle against the advent of the order of darkness. Numerous companions will share your adventure and use their powers to help you as best as they can in your fi ght against Death-Shadow and his allies. Silverfall : Earth Awakening An immense action-RPG, Silverfall: Earth Awakening is the official stand-alone expansion for 2007's popular game - Silverfall. Silverfall Earth Awakening will offer magnificent wide-open environments which players can freely explore, all rendered in the lush graphical style that was a trademark of the original game. The story for Earth Awakening is set after Nothingness has been vanquished and our hero has become the Lord of the city of Silverfall. But peace is threatened as the first territorial battles around the capital of Nelwë conceal a terrible menace. Players will go on a fantastic quest to discover new regions of Nelwë such as Ethera, the splendid aerial city which sits on the clouds, the Crystal labyrinth, the lagoons or the underwater caves, home to the goblin pirates. To save the realm of Nelwë, you will have to explore many dangerous lands -- all inhabited by a fantastic variety of new creatures and powerful bosses. In this heroic fantasy world where nature and technology collide, you will have to make important choices which will lead you to side with one or the other. Players who have finished the original game can extend their adventures by bringing their character from the original along with them. This allows players to maintain skills, inventories and experience earned in the original Silverfall. Players also have the option to join the game as a level 45 character from one of the six races available, two of which are new: the Dwarves and the Lizard men. Throughout the adventure the player must take sides with one of the two powers dividing the world: nature or technology, thus influencing the game's story and the hero's development. Silverfall Earth Awakening also offers many new "High Level" and "Ultimate" magic skills featuring spectacular and devastating effects. Players can also count on unique and useful object crafting skills with five specializations to create armor, weapons and special spells. A special skills editor allows players to create thousands of distinct items by combining shapes, textures, colors, types of magic. Players can completely customize their equipment, design weapons for other players and exchange certain items when playing in multiplayer mode.

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