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Playstation Plus 90 Day Subscription Instant Code PS3

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    Playstation Plus 90 Day Subscription - Instant Code

    PlayStation Plus is a subscription service from PlayStation Network that gives you access to a whole host of amazing features. From ludicrously great games, to exclusive new game trials, to online storage, themes and avatars, to...well the list goes on.

    Join the thousands of other people playing, personalising and synchronising with PlayStation Plus.

    The Instant Game Collection works across both PS3 & PS Vita. Keep subscribing and you will have a constant library of 14 games and at least 5 new games a month - this is over 65 games a year!.

    Your Instant Game Collection - Over 65 games per year available on PlayStation 3 AND PlayStation Vita! 14 amazing games available right now on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita and at least 51 more over the course of a year - keep all the games you download as long as you remain subscribed to PlayStation Plus.

    Exclusive Discounts - You'll get exclusive money-off deals on a selection of brand new games and content every month. You'll also receive bigger discounts than non-members on a wide variety of PlayStation Store special offers.

    Full Game Trials - Try before you buy with one-hour trials of selected PS3 PlayStation Network titles and Blu-ray Disc releases. If you do decide to buy it - you won't need to re-download it.

    Freebies - Get no charge Premium avatars and dynamic themes to customise and add personality to your PS3 and PS Vita.

    Early Access - Get the VIP treatment with early or exclusive access to a number of full games, demos and Beta trials. In the past, members have enjoyed a first look at top notch games like God of War Ascension, Uncharted: Drake's Deception and DUST 514.

    Auto Updates - Enjoy automatic updates for the games you play, System Software and automatic Trophy synchronisation whenever you choose - even during the middle of the night - so you can spend less time patching and more time playing.

    Online Storage - Store your precious game saves in the cloud and then access them on another PS3 - great for backing up your data or continuing the game at a friend's place.

    In addition, for compatible games, online storage will also allow you to Cross-Save between PS3 and PS Vita - so you can start playing on PS3 and then pick up where you left off on your PS Vita.

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