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Marvel’s Avengers Gameplay and Information Released
Marvel’s Avengers is a game that I feel got a bit overlooked at E3 2019 as fans weren’t happy with how the gameplay shown looked. Earlier today though, Crystal Dynamics release a huge chunk of actual gameplay and oh boy does it look good!
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New Need for Speed Heat Information Revealed
After its reveal last week, EA are back with more information on their upcoming racer, Need for Speed Heat! We already got a fair chunk of info with the games reveal but now, we have a full car list, some more gameplay descriptions and more.
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Death Stranding Gameplay and New Information Released
Gamescom’s First Night Live stream ended with a bang as we got a tonne of new Death Stranding information, gameplay and trailers!
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Call of Duty Modern Warfare Gun Fight 2v2 Alpha Announced
The leaks were true, we’re actually going to be able to play Modern Warfare this week! I'm actually beyond excited that we get to play this game several weeks earlier than we expected.
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Yu-Gi-Oh Legacy Of The Duellist Link Evolution Initial Thoughts
As I'm sure many of you will know, I used to be very into Yu Gi Oh back in the day and some of my favourite games, especially on handhelds are Spirit Caller and Tag Force.
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UK Gaming Chart Week 34 19/08/19
I'm writing this on a Sunday as I’m just so excited about this week’s UK chart! All jokes aside, we could see a bit of interesting movement this week as no new entries find their way in so fingers crossed there will be something worth talking about!
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ShopTo Blog Gaming Discussion 19/08/19 - Gamescom Time!
Good morning everyone, I hope you all had a great weekend and actually, week as I was away last week so I had to pre-write and schedule articles (after some struggle!).
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Rocket League – In Rotation
Welcome to In Rotation, a series much like Revisited where I shine the spotlight on a specific game and highlight why I think you should be playing it. As opposed to discussing a game that I have come back to, I’m going to be looking at the games that mak
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Will Call of Duty Modern Warfare Have a Battle Royale Mode?
Rumours have been flying around regarding Call of Duty Modern Warfare’s spec ops mode which will be releasing with the game this October. From what we have heard from Infinity Ward, it sounds like this third mode will be a continuation of the campaign in
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Battlefield V Revisited
Revisited is back and today, we are taking a look at a game which I feel has been grossly underappreciated since it dropped last year. Battlefield V has been regarded as a failure by many within the industry with most stating that they simply weren’t inte
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UK Gaming Chart Week 33 12/08/19
It’s chart time again and with no new releases last week, this week should prove to be quite interesting as we get a look at the games that are selling most consistently at the moment! We’ve got a bit of a dry spell for new releases around the middle of t
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ShopTo Blog Gaming Discussion 12/08/19 – Loot Boxes…
Good morning everyone, I hope you all had a great weekend! Apologies for the lack of articles over the weekend and Friday, there just hasn’t been anything worth talking about and we are still a while away from any major releases this month! It’s all going
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FIFA 20 New Volta Mode Details Revealed
Just a day after our last set of FIFA news, we've now got some more information to get excited about and this time it centres on the games big new Volta mode!
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Pokémon Sword and Shield New Information Released
As we edge every closer to the release of Pokémon Sword and Shield, today Nintendo gave us a hefty amount of new information!
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FIFA 20 Career Mode Changes Detailed
The next stage of the ongoing FIFA 20 reveals dropped earlier today as EA detailed changes coming to Career mode!
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