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Golem For PSVR Looks to be a Hit!
Golem is finally here, and it seems that everyone Is loving it! Most critic reviews are still in the works but the general talk about the game on social media is hugely positive!
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Shenmue III Launch Trailer Released
One of the most anticipated games of this console generation Shenmue 3 is just a matter of days away and to celebrate, we got a new launch trailer today!
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Terminator Resistance Launch Trailer Released
Terminator Resistance is out today and to celebrate, we’ve got a release trailer!
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Two Big PC Games Coming to Xbox One and PS4 in 2020
Last night saw the news break that two of my favourite PC games are coming to console next year!
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Bleeding Edge Release Date and Information Revealed – X019
One of the most interesting and perhaps highly anticipated Xbox One exclusives Bleeding Edge, has now got a release date!
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Everwild from Rare Announced – X019
Rare splashed back onto the scene a few years back with one of my favrouite games from this console generation, Sea of Thieves. Their latest venture though is something set on land, and what a land it is!
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Grounded From Obsidian Revealed – X019
Obsidian, the team behind the recent smash hit The Outer World’s, have revealed their next project and it’s a bit of a departure from their usual games.
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Pokémon Sword Initial Thoughts – It’s Finally Here!
At long last, we finally have a traditional Pokémon RPG on the amazing system that is the Switch!
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Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 Review
The Switch has been getting a lot of love from Nintendo recently and Mario and Sonic is the third of four big titles to drop on the platform in the last few months!
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Death Stranding Initial Thoughts
Possibly the most confusing and eagerly awaited game of this console generation is finally here, Death Stranding is out today!
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Call of Duty Modern Warfare Review
As I’m sure many of you know, Call of Duty is a franchise that I hold very close to my heart. It has given me many highly memorable experiences and it was pretty much solely responsible for getting me into gaming and for that, I am extremely grateful.
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Luigi’s Mansion 3 Review
We’ve already had Ring Fit a few weeks back and we have some huge games still to come this year but today, we’re taking a look at Luigi’s Mansion 3, the spooky new ghostbusting title aiming to bring some new gameplay to the Switch.
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UK Gaming Chart Week 46 12/11/19
Another week flies by and with just a few big releases left to come, we should be starting to see the chart settle down after next week so let’s hope that the next two charts bring plenty of action!
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ShopTo Blog Gaming Discussion 12/11/19
Good afternoon everyone, I hope you all had a great weekend! The winter weather is fully here and to me, that means its gaming season as nothing is better than sitting next to a radiator, gaming the evening away!
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Mario and Sonic at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Initial Thoughts
It’s Friday and you know that that means? Its time for another big Nintendo Exclusive and this week’s comes in the form of Mario and Sonic at the Olympics!
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