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Games With Gold For November Revealed
| 2019-10-31

Its that time again! Yes, the busy month of October is drawing to a close and as usual, its time to take a look ahead to next months free game offerings from the big two platforms. Within this article, we’re going to be taking a look at what Microsoft are giving us for free next month with Games with Gold and later on, we’ll be discussing PlayStation’s offering and comparing the two to give a winner! Without any further ado then, lets see what we can get stuck into for free next month on Xbox. First up are the two Xbox One titles, one of which is a full priced title and the other more of a discount title. The first of the two is Sherlock Homes: The Devils Daughter, and action & adventure title set within the world of Sherlock Holmes. This looks like it could be a decent title but personally, I won’t be playing it. Moving onto the second title we have The Final Station which is a neat looking train game from TinyBuild. Once again, this looks like a fun little game but I’m not sure if ill get around to playing it unfortunately. Moving onto the two Backwards Compatibility titles, we find an OG Xbox game and a 360 release so we’re really spanning the generations this month! The OOG Xbox title is Star Wars Jedi Starfighter which I believe is a bit of a classic that a lot of people will be excited about. The second BC title is Joy Ride Turbo which looks like a decent little kart style racer which I might just have to play! Check out the trailer for this month below:

There we have it then, four alright titles! They probably aren’t my cup of tea but there’s a decent variety of games on offer and I don’t really think people can complain this month. Having said this though, I do expect the PS Plus line-up to blow this out of the water, but we’ll have to wait to find out if I’m right! Let me know your thoughts on this line-up down in the comments below, what will you be downloading? Check out the link at the foot of this article to get your Xbox Live subscription and as always, make sure to keep it ShopTo for all the latest gaming news, reviews competitions and more.

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